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Friday, September 30, 2011

Surya Design

Science educator, Yoga teacher and model in between

"Beauty, sensibility and style, inspired by the mysterious Asian culture of ancient times"

This quote describes the beautiful  Surya Design collection by Olia Saunders which I got to model and pose for. 
Olia Saunders is a New York based graphic designer, photographer and avid yoga practitioner. This collection blends her love of beauty and her respect for the Vedic Culture. 

It was quite thrilling to be photographed by a professional, you know, someone behind the camera that doesn't use cheese as a smile inducer. Here's 3 pictures from the shoot :

Olia has foud shirt models (2 for men, 2 for women) on sale for the time being, you can find them here. Every shirt that is purchased brings her closer to her goal and will allow her build up her online store. 

Enjoy the presence of the Hindu sun deity, Surya, by owning your very own shirt!

Visit Surya Design
Discover the talented Olia's portfolio at  


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