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Monday, October 25, 2010

I Love Sanchez Jets Mittens


I made these cozy mitts as my sister-in-law's birthday present. You might have guessed, she is a HUGE Mark Sanchez (#6) fan, and she likes the NY Jets too. For those who do not have the IMMENSE pleasure of having a football fan as a husband, the Jets are one of the two New York football teams (the other being the Giants) and Mark Sanchez is their good looking Quaterback.
I have to make a pair for my man too now; he wanted to steal his sister's. I refused, however, to contribute to his man crush by making his pair identical to these. Sigh, you gotta love football, right? 1 match game = 1 new mitten.

1 skein of Red Heart Forest Green Acrylic Wool
1 skein of Red Heart White Acrylic Wool

M Woman (also available in Men sizes)

Classic Mittens by Free Vintage Knitting
Letters by Love Garden Design

Price: Coming soon on Etsy


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