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Monday, December 13, 2010

Halloween Costume Pictures


Remember Halloween? Yep, the night where everyone dresses up and you get candy (if you are lucky). I had posted a sketch of the costume I was planning on making and promised to follow up with a picture of the actual costume. I finally acquired the one and only picture of the said costume and here it is for your enjoyment.

I used an old turtle neck for the main dress and an old t-shirt and tape for the petals. I added a belt because the dress had no shape to it. The stamen crown was made of gold paper circles taped to wire attached to a gold headband. Green tights and boots completed the look - I had no time for grass socks. I'm quite pleased with the results considering I only started working on it the night before (procrastination queen).

My husband dressed up as Batman and my friend was either a specter or the walking dead from another era. She wasn't sure about the specifics, only about the dress. She thrifted the dress from a consignment store in Montreal. She also bought a wig which she styled into a perfect loose low bun. I've never seen someone look so good in a 15$ wig.

We saw many great handmade costumes and a great deal of hand-selected underwear - definitely inappropriate apparel for the weather.

Overall, yet another great nights for ghosts, ghouls and fetishes.


P.S. I am aware it's almost Christmas. I'll post something more festive next.

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