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Monday, November 15, 2010

One of a Kind Show and Sale - NYC


It is of utmost importance that I inform you of this wonderful event taking place in NYC, I wanted to post something sooner, but I have been knitting up a storm. New York is hosting the One of a Kind Show and Sale. It's a show that features handcrafted items created by talented artists and craftspeople. Oh and yours truly is there, manning a booth along side Twain Rivell, the brilliant and fascinating designer behind Twains Twines. I'm her assistant and proud to be.

The show started last Thursday and will open again this upcoming Thursday until Sunday at 5PM. Let me tell you, there are some amazing craftsmen and women out there. Whether you have money to spend or not, it's worth coming to check it out.

This is Twain Revell. She is proudly showing off her latest creation. It's a gorgeous ribbed mohair coat. She is making them in many different colours. The one shown here is a blend of blue and green that reminds me of the ocean. I got to pick out the buttons, I chose some made from Mother of Pearl shells. It was so much fun to shop for, I love that part of my job.

I am presently working on a blue one. These coats will be featured in her upcoming show for New York Fashion week in February 2011.

 Each coat comes with a matching high quality mohair hood or as Oprah calls them Infinity Scarfs. Twain has many different colours on display all more beautiful than the other. Everyone can find their perfect match.

The white one is my favorite. It's made with hand spun mohair from Africa. I'm in love. Working with amazing materials is also one of the perks of the job.

What sets Twain apart from the rest of the knitters out there is that she spins her own Angora yarn from her Giant Angora rabbit. You'll have to believe me when I tell you its HUGE! There's a picture of her website and I'll try to post one later when I write about my experience spinning yarn. (I get to learn so much!) In the back you can just make out two white pieces - a skirt and a shrug made from Angora yarn. The shrug is another of of my favorite pieces. All around the opening Twain as sewn on shells and pearl, it tinkles magically when you put it on.

 In addition to knitted goods, she also makes a wide variety of items with mudcloth, a handmade Malian cotton fabric traditionally dyed with fermented mud. She is best known for her mudcloth wraps which were showcased in fashion magazines and were distributed as a McCall Pattern for eight months.

 Twain isn't the only seller present. In a completely different category, there's Nature's Creations; Natural Jewelery. It's my coup-de-coeur. They bind copper to real leaves with a special technique and make beautiful jewelery showcasing Nature's talent. They also use flowers, branches and fruits.
To see a sideshow of their work click here.

Do you live in or around New York? If you wish to have free entry passes, contact me.


Hope to see you there.


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