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Monday, January 17, 2011

{Best of A Year of Shoes} Silver Blue Pumps

My mother gave me this fabulous 2011 desktop calendar for my birthday, everyday showcases great shoes from all over the world and throughout the years. 
I've decided to share my favorite shoes with you. 

On January 14th, I was graced with this beauty :

 "Peacock blue silk "Electra" spike with iridescent leather trim"
Stunning, gorgeous, breathtaking! I desire these shoes. I can't even begin to imagine how much  they cost (actually a quick tour on Ebay suggests they come to somewhere around 600-700$...sigh).
Rousseau is a relatively new designer, his label was launched in Fall 2008. This Qu├ębec (represent!) born designer honed his skills in London and Los Angeles and worked along side big names such as Fiore, Williamson, John Richmond, and John Rocha. Looking through his collections, the peaked heel visible in this Peacock shoe is a recurrent theme. It's brilliant as it successfully eliminates the unfaltering gap of other designs.


P.S. The picture quality here doesn't do the shoe justice, I took the picture with my phone. I'll scan the next ones.

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