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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Catalytic Clothing - to help us breathe more beautifully

Would you believeme if I told you your clothes may one day play a part in a global effort for carbon sequestration? Well Darling, the technology is there: Catalytic Clothing.

Born from the collaboration of the University of Sheffield, London College of Fashion and the University of Ulster, this dress made from sprayed concrete and "purifying technology" is part of a larger project, one to raise public awareness towards the science of Environmental Pollution.

This textile sculpture is called "Herself" ans as you can read on the wall behind it, is part of a long term and pioneering project to explore how textiles might purify the air by removing certain environmental pollutants. The concept at this stage is still highly experimental. Their slogan, however, is on point: "...So That We Can Breathe More Beautifully".


Source & Picture Credit:
Chua, Jasmin M. "Meet "Herself", the World's First Air-Purifying Dress". Ecouterre.Jan 7th, 2011 [Online]Jan 13th 2011.

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