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Thursday, February 3, 2011

French Teacher


My husband started school this week, he had his first classes and met his new teachers.  He called me up after his French Class and described what his new French Teacher was wearing. Being slightly jealous of the attention this woman was getting from my hubby, I sketched her. Do you know what my hubby said when I showed him my sketch later on? "That's about right but she was a bit more curvaceous, a bit like Kim Kardashian." I swallowed my displeasure. "She's from la campagne outside Paris, she's in her late twenties and really organized. Maybe you could be friends?" Sigh, me, friends with his curvaceous French teacher? I doubt it, especially when someone is not to keen on bringing me to class. I digress. She was wearing a black cardigan over a red shirt, untucked, with a black pencil skirt, black tights and black pumps. Wonder what she's going to wear next week.


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