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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Post-Apocalyptic Sweater


I've been watching way too many movies because of all the knitting I have to do for February 15th (our show for NYC Fashion Week). I'm really into post-apocalyptic movies from the 80s right now. The plot is usually very simple, it's fast paced for fast knitting and the men are usually buff and shirtless (the women too but that what keeps my husband from killing me).

In a particularly poor movie, Interzone 1987, I spotted two extras wearing the same sweater, in two different scenes mind you. It was a modified pink wool sweater. I'm guessing they felted it, cut it and restyled it. It had the thick solid look of felted wool. I smartened it up a bit trying to create something wearable before the apocalypse - not so sure of the result. What I liked about how it was worn in the movie was that both ladies wore a wide strapped maxi dress over which they wore the top - one was white the other was black. It's the first time I notice such an obvious wardrobe recycling in a movie. Each extra only got one scene, the white gal was dancing with what seems to be an exotic male dancer and the second is cheering on a barbaric game of who will drink the poisoned cup.
I never  finished the movie.

I love the 80s.

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