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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vampire in New York City

I took the S train for the first time during the big snowstorms and I've taken a liking to it. Fascinating people travel on the S train. It also brings to first complete Man to my NYC Street Fashion Sketches (there's an ebauche of a classy man here but it was never completed).

Have you seen Vampire in Brooklyn? It's an Eddie Murphy movie that came out in 1995. He plays the part of the sole surviving member of a Caribbean coven. He travels to Brooklyn to find a mate, the child of a vampire and a human. He's super classy and would wear what this man was wearing in a heart-beat.
The man in question was dressed in black from head to toe except for his blue shirt. He had a Pin Stripe (I know, only 1 "p" or it has a completely different meaning...oups) suit, black Wing Tip shoes and  a long black Peacoat. What really screamed vampire were the gold rings he wore on all 10 fingers. Why the vampire association? I don't know. He looked good but also very powerful - which might better explain the Vampire thing.


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